A new industrial floor for the Company Anita in Brannenberg

The company Anita is not only a fourth-generation family business, but also a worldwide well-known fashion label. In 2017 the production site and warehouse at the headquarters in Brannenburg, should be fitted with a new floor coating. Not only the longevity of the flooring, but also health-related quality standards played a major role in the selection of the flooring. Following the recommendation of CONICA, to equip the warehouse and production areas with a floor covering which meets both, the high load and the AgBB * guidelines, the choice fell on CONICA’s CONIFLOOR IPS industrial flooring system.

CONILOOR IPS is a high performance polyurethane self-smoothing coating, composed of various products such as primer, scratch coat, flow coat and sealer.

In summer 2017, the company Rieder and Willmann, installed 3000m2 of CONIFLOOR IPS in Brannenberg.

Mr. Leonhard Rieder, owner of the company Rieder and Willmann, was very satisfied with the choice of the CONICA flooring system. “It was very important for the client that their employees work in a healthy environment without any emission of floor coverings, so the floor should match with the AgBB standard and with the requirements for slip resistance R9.” commented Mr. Rieder. However, there was another important aspect that played a role in the selection. “The client also wanted a coating system that was crack-bridging. The CONILOOR IPS is a coating system with a thickness of 2.5 mm and a static crack bridging of 1.2 mm.” Explains Leonard Rieder. “I was very happy with the whole System, especially with the product CONIFLOOR 420, the self-smoothing coating.”

Many thanks to Anita and the company Rieder for the great project and the positive feedback.

*AgBB = Committee for Health-related evaluation of Building Products (German: Ausschuss zur gesundheitlichen Bewertung von Bauprojekten)

sb – international magazine for sports, leisure and recreational facilities, IAKS, 4/2018


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