A new Streetball Hotspot in Berlin – using CONICA`s encapsulated CONIPUR 2S sports flooring system

A sensational sports facility was built on the site of the traditional Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Sports Park, which is to become the symbol of the sports metropolis of Berlin. The first part of the project was inaugurated back in June 2018. Further renovations are planned for the following three years.

The new basketball area consists of three “full court” basketball courts with six modern, height-adjustable hoops and a high-quality CONICA sports floor. The main court is also covered and equipped with grandstands and floodlights. The most prominent users of the sports park are the youth department of the major sports club Alba-Berlin, which gives the sports park an important status in the Berlin sporting events. In addition to new training opportunities for club sports, the basketball courts offers all residents from all over Berlin the opportunity to play basketball. In addition, the area will be the venue for major streetball tournaments.

A total of 2025 m² CONIPUR 2S sports flooring was installed by our partner Weitzel GmbH & Co. KG and sealed with CONIPUR 2210. The CONIPUR 2S sports flooring is suitable for almost all sports, fun is always guaranteed.

Video and text  reference: You Tube Channel Alba Berlin – pubished 21.06.2018 „Neues Streetball-Zentrum im Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark“ ( www.youtube.com/albaberlin)



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