A special indoor running track for the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport in Magglingen

Swiss Federal Institute of Sport in Magglingen

The National Sports Centre in Magglingen, a facility of the Swiss Federal Office of Sport, offers training facilities for almost every sport, all under competition conditions at the very highest level. Among them is a mobile indoor running track that can be set up and taken down as needed. This has now been renewed. CONIPUR SW was chosen for the flooring because, on the one hand, it meets the requirements of the World Athletics and Swiss Athletics, and on the other hand it is very light.

The Swiss Federal Institute of Sport in Magglingen (EHSM) is the only Swiss higher education facility exclusively dedicated to teaching, research, development and services within the discipline of sport. It is part of the Swiss Federal Office of Sport (BASPO), which is also based in Magglingen. The small village in the canton of Bern is, in practice, the training camp for Swiss top-class sport. In this capacity, it boasts in excess of 80,000 overnight stays annually. For its numerous guests, the university runs the National Sports Centre in Magglingen (NSM). Under the motto “Sporting and mental excellence in an inspiring environment”, athletes can take advantage of the offers of support from sports science thanks to the services available from the EHSM, as well as optimal training facilities at one and the same location. Indoor and outdoor sports venues, as well as seminar rooms, accommodation and catering facilities are available for this purpose.

A special indoor running track

The NSM aims to offer the right equipment for practically every type of competitive sport. In addition to extensive outdoor facilities, it has a five-court hall, two three-court halls, three single court halls including a fitness and weights room, and a fencing and squash hall. Whether for volleyball, climbing or dancing, the halls offer the right environment for almost every sport. To allow runners to train in bad weather, there is an indoor running track in a hall that can be set up and taken down as required. This is also to be completely renewed. The new design should, of course, continue to meet all the demands of competitive sport, i.e. a high-quality surface and bend elevations of around one metre. The flooring must therefore, on the one hand, meet the requirements of World Athletics and Swiss Athletics and, on the other, weigh as little as possible – an ideal application for CONIPUR SW. The 13 mm-thick polyurethane running track system with a PUR-bonded elastic layer comprising recycled rubber granules incorporates both high quality and durability due to its 3 mm PUR top layer and is a great alternative to all-plastic flooring options. CONIPUR SW is easy on the joints and slip-resistant. For use in the hall, the impact-sound insulation is also an advantage. Besides its technical properties, the CONICA/CONIPUR-Indoor Running Track was also able to host a convincing performance for the Federal Office when used in Prague. The contract for the installation was awarded to Walo Bertschinger AG from Gümligen, which had only just been named one of the “Best Employers in 2020” in Switzerland in February 2020.

Manufacturing and installation

The sandwich structure proved beneficial for production. Since only a short time frame was available for the installation at the NSM, the baselayer of the SW system was attached to the wooden elements at the manufacturer. The individual elements were then transported to Magglingen, assembled on-site and coated with CONIPUR 210 blue. The finished running track was finally sealed with CONIPUR 2200, which solidifies the granulated surface of the flooring and also facilitates cleaning.

After the coating was finally cured, cutting could then begin at the joints between the individual elements. Coating the bends, in particular, required a great deal of expertise, as these were set at competition level during processing and had a correspondingly steep gradient. If this is not done carefully, the material can flow off.

However, the planning proved to be successful. The running track – spanning approximately 1,000 m2 – can be dismantled into 230 portable elements, which can then be assembled and taken down again with ease. With it, the NSM can now offer optimal training options for indoor running under competitive conditions.







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