An athletics hall in Hungary using 100% PUR

The Civic Sports Hall in the Hungarian city Dorog has provided a base for competitions and popular sports since 1985. Whether training or competition, the sports hall must offer optimal conditions for all common sports.

In October 2018 the floor was renewed using specialist indoor system CONIPUR HG FULL PUR by CONICA in cooperation with the Hungarian company Echo Sport, 1065m2 of this point-elastic indoor surface was installed.

The new floor looks vibrant and fresh in a beautiful “May green” shade, but it isn’t just the color that makes the new floor of the sports hall something special; the point-elastic floor system works like a shock absorber by absorbing impact forces immediately, reducing the risk of injury as well as stress on the joints.

The CONIPUR HG FULL PUR system is made of 100% pure PUR (polyurethane). The on site installation of the liquid elastic layer makes the system 100% seamless and thus reduces the risk of tripping. The flooring meets the highest requirements of emission and fire classification and its quality is proven by test reports conforming to AgBB, EN 14904 and EN 13501-1.

Further positive features such as time savings due to faster installation, simpler handling across the board and controlled quality make “HG FULL PUR” an innovative, high-quality product – typically CONICA.

We would like to thank the sports hall management team in Dorog for this opportunity and Echo Sport for the professional installation carried out.

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