CONIPUR HG sprint – In the center of a 200m cycling track

The UCI World Cycling Centre (WCC), which houses the headquarters of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) in Aigle, Switzerland, is an elite coaching and training centre.
Opened in 2002, every year it welcomes athletes from around the world, each of them devoting all their energies to their sporting careers. The WCC offers training and development for over 100 athletes every year in the four Olympic disciplines (road, track, BMX and MTB).
The WCC regularly plays host to other training disciplines, (on a regional, national and international scale) such as Swiss Athletics and the Federation of Swiss Gymnastics.

CONICA AG supplied the CONIPUR HG sprint sports floor, in the center of the wooden cycling track.
In April 2018 1700 m2 of the CONIPUR HG sprint sports floor was installed by the company Realsport.

CONIPUR HG sprint is a spike usable point elastic indoor sport surfacing system. Find out more about the CONIPUR HGMore

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