CONICA Healthcare: innovative floor coverings for the healthcare sector

Don’t stumble – rehabilitative floor coverings

The health care system includes a wide variety of facilities, such as operating theatres, hospital rooms, doctors’ practices, laboratories, and rehabilitation and care facilities. CONICA offers the right floor covering for every application. To serve this demanding market even better in the future, the Swiss specialist is bundling its solutions under the name ‘CONICA Healthcare’. The needs of the healthcare sector and how they can be met are described in the CONICA Healthcare Blog.

Don’t stumble – floor coverings for rehabilitation centres

Patients in rehab facilities are rarely steady on their feet. After long periods of lying down, the first steps are quite unsafe, especially if they are taken in slippers or leaning on walking aids. To prevent the first outing from ending in a fall, the floor must be properly readied. CONICA offers, particularly for rehabilitation clinics, highly elastic and comfortable coatings, which are also suitable for treatment and fitness rooms. The coating is applied in several layers in liquid form. The top layer ensures a secure grip, while the elastic layer underneath provides cushioning. The system ensures that the flooring is completely joint-free and barrier-free; even small bumps or height offsets in the subfloor can be smoothed out with levelling fillers.

Barrier-free even outdoors

CONICA floors can also be laid outdoors, for example for elastic jogging or training tracks. Park facilities can also be designed to be barrier-free. So-called ‘stone carpets’ combine the look of gravel paths with the advantages of a synthetic covering. Wheelchairs and walkers can be moved on them with much less effort than on loose gravel. The surface remains stable, even on slight inclines, and is easy to clean. Light service vehicles driven across the surface and harsh weather events, such as heavy rain, hail or snow loads, do not affect the form. The open-pored material allows precipitation to seep directly into the ground, and there are no environmentally hazardous substances in the material that can be washed out. CONICA therefore offers highly functional, easy to clean and visually appealing floor systems for the entire rehabilitation sector.


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