CONICA Healthcare: innovative floor coverings for the healthcare sector

High-performance sport in hospital corridors

The health care system includes a wide variety of facilities, such as operating theatres, hospital rooms, doctors’ practices, laboratories, and rehabilitation and care facilities. CONICA offers the right flooring solution for every application. To serve this demanding market even better in the future, the Swiss specialist is bundling its solutions under the name ‘CONICA Healthcare’. The needs of the healthcare sector and how they can be met are described in the CONICA Healthcare Blog.

Sprints and marathons along hospital corridors

High-performance athletes can often be found in hospitals and nursing homes. Carers walk a half-marathon every day and doctors have to sprint towards emergencies. Nurses push along heavy wheeled beds or food containers, and it takes its toll on their feet. And of course there are also patients in slippers taking their first uncertain steps again. Flooring from CONICA Healthcare helps to relieve joints and avoid accidents. CONICA equips stadiums all around the world, and the years of experience gained from making those stadiums fit for world championships show up in this series. When a sprinter starts off, the flooring needs to have grip. For long-distance runs it needs to be flexible, i.e. to “yield” when weight lands on it. When the weight lifts off, the flooring must return the energy like a spring under tension and catapult the runner forwards in a controlled way. The flooring in a healthcare environment must perform in the same way, by providing secure grip when patients are being transported and the highest level of walking comfort for the staff. The seam-free CONIFLOOR flooring solution combines these attributes thanks to its multilayer construction, something which is common for sports flooring too: the top layer provides grip whilst the layer below ensures a comfortable landing. An investment in the health of patients and staff that very quickly pays for itself.


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