Industrial Applications

CONICA resins – Solutions for industry

CONICA has been specialising in the development of polyurethanes and epoxy resins for a wide range of applications for 40 years. We develop semi-finished and finished products for industrial customers, which are used in the areas of casting, bonding and coating. The products are innovative and high-performance. For industrial applications, the enduring high-quality products and efficient manufacturing processes are important to always stay one step ahead in international business. Our production in Switzerland ensures reliability, quality and efficiency through automated processes and quality controls. CONICA is certified in accordance with the latest international standards.

The products are tailor-made to the individual requirements and process parameters in the laboratory in cooperation with the client. Our many years of experience help us to achieve the development goal quickly and efficiently. Durability, temperature resistance, wear resistance and resistance to external influences are just some of our development goals. Our customers come from the areas of adhesive manufacturers, insulating foam, fastening technology, filter systems and printing rollers. Moulded parts and elastic mats are also produced with our bonding agents. For this purpose, the resin system is mixed with rubber granulate, cork, EPDM or other recycled plastics and then moulded. This results in high-quality end products.

CONICA offers a wide range of raw materials and resins for industrial customers. We are also happy to use this experience for developing and manufacturing tailor-made systems in consultation with our customers.


Plinio Colombo
Head of Development  Process Technology