CONIPUR Vmax – New surface for athletic tracks

Article: Stadium World, 14.02.2018

New surface for athletic tracks

The Swiss company CONICA AG has developed the new CONIPUR Vmax surface for high performance athletic tracks. The brand new two layer system, ensures even greater performance.

The new CONIPUR Vmax system uses an energy-reflecting base layer and a stabilizing top layer is used The reduced energy requirement in the start and sprint phase enables the sprinter to achieve maximum performance. The new system has air cells embedded in the base layer.

The track is characterized by an excellent structural integrity with low deformation, which gives the athlete optimal and stable running safety. The top layer is very resistant and durable. Of course, CONIPUR Vmax is suitable for multifunctional applications and events. The development was produced in close cooperation with the Cologne Sport University. After successful testing and accreditation of the CONIPUR Vmax athletic track system to IAAF specifications, biomechanical measurements were carried out with top athletes under real conditions and demonstrated superb values. (Stadium World, 14.02.2018)

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