CONICA Healthcare: innovative floor coverings for the healthcare sector

No licence to kill

The health care system includes a wide variety of facilities, such as operating theatres, hospital rooms, doctors’ practices, laboratories, and rehabilitation and care facilities. CONICA offers the right floor finish for every application. To serve this demanding market even better in the future, the Swiss specialist is bundling its solutions under the name ‘CONICA Healthcare’. The needs of the healthcare sector and how they can be met are described in the CONICA Healthcare Blog.

Bacteriostatic floors: No licence to kill

Keeping the germ load low is particularly important wherever there are sick or particularly susceptible people: In hospitals and nursing homes just as much as in doctors’ surgeries. This is not so easy to do when, for example, in flu season there are a lot of patients crowded into waiting rooms. Cleaning staff are of course also susceptible to pathogens, making cleaning intervals hard to keep to just when they matter most.

One solution that seems obvious at first glance is to give surfaces in such areas germicidal properties, as is done with some medical equipment. Unfortunately, in the medium term, using too many bactericides can have disastrous consequences: bacteria can mutate. The mutations that survive can then spread all the wider. The surface meant to kill them has become the nursery for super germs. This is why the Biocide Products Regulation also prohibits antibacterial floor coverings. CONICA offers an interesting alternative for this: a bacteriostatic coating that does not kill germs but inhibits or even entirely prevents their growth. Mutations are prevented, and the germ load remains very low. Between the cleaning intervals, the weakened bacteria spread no further. In this way the floor covering supports the hygienic measures in the healthcare sector with no further action, also and especially under difficult conditions.


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