CONIPUR JIP comfort+

Installation heights

CONIPUR J base:                    approx. 35 mm
Comfort layer:                        approx. 11 mm
Top layer:                                  approx.  7 mm

Water impermeable system – complies to World Athletics requirements

The 18 mm, World Athletics-compliant, high performance surfacing system, with a 7 mm structured PUR wear layer on an 11 mm elastic comfort layer offers extremely high comfort and performance at a level that will also meet the requirements of athletes.

The textured surface of the system on the even sub-base* gives CONIPUR JP comfort+ an optimal grip and slip resistance.

The high quality, UV-stable PU sealing lacquer gives the system a brilliant colour with minimal soiling tendency and maximum weathering resistance. In addition, almost every desired colour can be realised with the top sealer.

The 7 mm PU coating ensures that the system is extremely durable and resistant.

Use for                jogging tracks, Nordic walking trails, walking &                                                        golf course trails, hotel & wellness
Suitable for         multipurpose use – from walking to marathon running
Test report          according to World Athletics requirements

* as substitute for asphalt or concrete sub-bases CONICA offers CONIPUR J base – a mixture of recycled granules, grit and binder as an optimal base layer for activity tracks and walkways.