CONICA manufactures and provides a range of products that can be used in the application of playground safety surfaces and pedestrianized areas. Some of the components can be used to enhance an existing system or to assist with a complementary look and feel.


The CONICA product portfolio offers primers for a wide variety of applications:

overview primers

Products for Playground Surfaces

CONICA offers a number of different binders to allow customers to select the right product for their project. CONIPUR 4020 and CONIPUR 4051 offer a long processing time while still fast curing / accessible, CONIPUR 4080 is slower. All binders are elastic and suitable for manual installation of rubber surfaces.

CONIPUR 4020 – yellowing (not UV-stable) binder for both layers
CONIPUR 4051 – slightly UV-stable binder for the EPDM layer 
CONIPUR 4080 – highly UV-stable binder for the EPDM layer
CONIPUR 4090 – alphatic, UV- stable binder for the EPDM layer
CONIPUR 6020 – yellowing (not UV-stable), for paver installation
CONIPUR 6080 –  highly UV-stable, for paver installation
CONIPUR 6090 – UV and colour stable (alphatic), for paver installation

The system built up of playgrounds is – for the indoor installation – impermeable to water. This reduces soiling and facilitates maintenance.  To make the playground surface impermeable, a transparent pore sealer and a transparent top coat is applied.

CONIPUR 4480 – Pore Sealer
CONIPUR 3202 W – Top Coat

Products for Stone Carpets

These binders are less elastic and therefore particularly suitable for stone carpets – installation by hand

CONIPAVE 610 – yellowing (not UV-stable) binder

Products for Activity Tracks

CONIPUR 326 – binder for CONIPUR Jbase as well as for elastic layers
CONIPUR 203 – pore sealer
CONIPUR 210 – coating
CONIPUR 7310 – spraycoating
CONIPUR 2200 – pigmented, UV-resistant top coat
CONIPUR 2210 – anti-skid, pigmented, UV-resistant top coat

SBR Granules

SBR is produced at CONICA’s plans in the UK. A recycled product, produced from the end of life truck tires, SBR is used to create the base layer in playground surfaces.


EPDM Granules

CONIPUR EPDM granules are durable, flexible, of high quality and easy to use. They are available in 22 standard colors which means no limit on the creativity of the surface.

CONIPUR EPDM, 1.0 – 3.5 mm
CONIPUR EPDM, 0.0 – 0.5 mm


Smoothing Agent – facilitates the application of the rubber/stone-binder-mix