Resistant to frost – CONIPUR Vmax and CONIPUR M

Two proven frost resistant track systems

External sports surfaces will be exposed to the extremes of weather, which can have a major impact on stability and longevity.  However, thanks to their outstanding quality and high performance properties, CONICA systems are suitable for use in all regions and climates.

To provide additional support to architects and sports consultants, two of the running track systems from our extensive range have recently been selected, and tested, for frost resistance at the Institute for Sports Floor Technology IST in Eschenz, Switzerland.  Both of the chosen systems, CONIPUR Vmax and CONIPUR M, successfully passed all tests.

You will find the test reports for frost resistance on our website at:

CONIPUR Vmax is the latest innovation from CONICA.  Providing exceptionally high mechanical properties for the top surface, this system delivers maximum performance and durability, whilst minimising athlete fatigue.  more

CONIPUR M has been recognised worldwide for many years as a high quality, market leading system for competitive sports, and competitions at the highest level. more

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