(International Association of Athletics Federations)

The certification of the International Association of Athletic Federations confirms the high quality of the CONICA tracks with regard to predefined sports-functional properties and technical durability. In addition to national standards, the IAAF regulations are a globally recognized standard for the performance testing of running tracks at the highest level, for example World Championships, Olympic Games or the Diamond League.

CONICA was the first company in the world to receive a certificate from the International Association of Athletics Federations IAAF. Furthermore, CONICA is in the possession of the first three certificates issued by the IAAF at all.

IAAF Product Certificates

These product certificates confirm that the running tracks comply fully with the IAAF requirements. The following track surfacing systems possess an IAAF product certificate:


IAAF Facility Certificates

These certifications are mainly carried out at stadiums, which are used for TOP events – for example: World Championships, European Championships, Diamond League etc. They ensure that both the sports function and the distances correspond to the regulations of the IAAF. The prerequisite for an IAAF Facility Certificate is that the installed track system has an IAAF product certificate.

For Class 2 certificates the line markings are measured – for Class 1 certificates, the sport-specific requirements as well as the structural conditions for the complete stadium defined by the IAAF for the execution of TOP events are verified.

Similar IAAF regulations are available for indoor tracks.

The sport-functional tests must in any case be carried out by a laboratory accredited by the IAAF