Test Reports     according to EN 14877, DIN V 18035-6 and  World Athletics                                                       requirements, FIBA certificate
Use for              multipurpose track and field, school, college and university                                    sports, athletic tracks

Water permeable, two layer sports field

The 8mm PUR-bound EPDM surface on a cushioned layer of approximately 8mm is of high quality and longevity. Due to the low cost of recycled granules in the bottom (cushioned) layer of the system, CONIPUR 2S is a more cost-efficient option than CONIPUR EPDM – especially when the layers need to be thicker.

The layer thickness determines the performance and protective function, so the surface can be adapted to suit the needs of the individual users/types of sport.

The seamless CONIPUR EPDM suits almost all sports at a high level with guaranteed fun. After rainfall, the surface is quickly dry and thus playable again.

The 24 available colours allow various combinations, whether unicoloured or multicoloured – giving your creativity a free rein!