Test Reports     according to EN 14877, DIN V 18035-6, ASTM F2157-02 and                                      IAAF requirements, IAAF Product Certificate
Use for              track surface for high performance sports

The Full PUR system for maximum sporting performance – certified by World Athletics

The 14mm polyurethane track system, built entirely using “virgin materials“, is a premium surfacing system offering excellent quality and longevity characteristics, thus clearly differentiating itself from the competition.

For this reason, CONIPUR M has been used for many years worldwide as a top-quality track system in stadiums hosting competitions at the highest level. Its resilience, performance and longevity speak for itself. The surface is non-slip and offers an excellent grip – both in sunshine and in rain.

CONIPUR M is acknowledged worldwide for years as premium system for performance and competitions at the highest level.

Worldwide, there are hundreds of thousands of square metres of CONIPUR M tracks, of which tentracks are certified as Class 1 and thirteen as Class 2.

Our references clearly show that CONIPUR M meets the highest demands of athletes, operators and owners of stadiums. Over the years, many world records have been set on the CONIPUR M track system.

CONIPUR M is one of the first track systems to receive the World Athletics product certificate.

Compared to competitors’ products, the longevity of the CONICA full PUR system reduces life cycle costs.