CONIPUR MX+                     

Test Reports     according to EN 14877, DIN V 18035-6, ASTM F2157-02 and World Athletics requirements, World Athletics Product Certificate
Use for              track surface for high performance sports

Full PUR track system for high performance – certified by World Athletics

This 15mm polyurethane based track system features an innovative, foamed intermediate layer. CONIPUR MX+ characterizes itself by its highest quality and longevity, and is very cost efficient due to the use of recycled granules in the two bottom layers. Sports functionality and anti-skid properties are self-evident – in any kind of weather.

The quality of the system ensures that top athletes benefit from optimal running properties combined with low energy consumption.

Worldwide, there are hundred thousands of square meters of CONIPUR MX+ tracks, of which threetracks are certified as Class 1 and more than 12 as Class 2.

Our references clearly show that CONIPUR MX+ meets the highest demands of athletes, operators and owners of stadiums. CONIPUR MX+ is acknowledged worldwide as a high quality track system for top performance at the top level of competitions.

Compared to competitors’ products, the longevity of the CONICA full PUR flooring systems reduces life cycle costs.