Test Reports     according to EN 14877, DIN V 18035-6, ASTM F2157-02 and                                      World Athletics requirements, World Athletics Product Certificate
Use for              track surfaces, multipurpose playing fields, school sports 

Water permeable spray coating system – certified by World Athletics

This 13mm thick polyurethane track system, with a PUR-bound elastic layer based on recycled granules and a 3 mm PUR spray coating as a top layer, is the most cost-effective World Athletics certified CONICA track system. CONIPUR SP is mainly used for sports tracks in schools and leisure facilities and meets all requirements regarding safety and longevity. The high-quality PUR top layer provides good spike-, mechanical- and weather resistance. Due to its structure, it is slip-proof and offers a good grip – both in the sun and in the rain.

Worldwide, there are hundreds of thousands of square metres of CONIPUR SP track surfacing, of which one track is certified as Class 1 and fifteen as Class 2.

CONIPUR SP fully meets the requirements of athletes, operators and owners – confirmed by many references. As the CONIPUR SP track system is regarded as being very solid and reliable, it is very popular in facilities offering a variety of sports.

The longevity and associated lower lifecycle costs make it a track system on a high level for popular sports.