Test Reports     according to EN 14877, DIN V 18035-6, ASTM F2157-02 and                                    World Athletics requirements, World Athletics Product Certificate
Use for              track surfaces and multipurpose playing fields

Water impermeable sandwich system – certified by World Athletics

The 13mm thick polyurethane track with a PUR-bound elastic layer based on recycled granules is characterized by its quality and durability due to its 3mm PUR wear coat and is a good alternative to the full PUR track surfacing systems. The high-quality PUR wear coating layer of CONIPUR SW is very durable, non-slip and offers an excellent athletics surfacing system – in all weather conditions.

CONIPUR SW was the first track system ever to receive the World Athletics product certificate in 1999. Since then hundreds of thousands of square metres of CONIPUR SW track have been installed worldwide, of which eight tracks are certified as Class 1 and more than sixty as Class 2.

Our references clearly show that CONIPUR SW meets the highest demands of athletes and owners of stadiums. CONIPUR SW tracks are considered to be very solid and durable systems.

The longevity and associated lower lifecycle costs make it a track system at the highest level.