Test Reports     according to EN 14877, DIN V 18035-6, ASTM F2157-02 and                                      IAAF requirements, IAAF Product Certificate
Use for              track surface for peak performance sports

Results of the test done by the Cologne Sports University:

– CONIPUR Vmax offers the foundation for faster times
– CONIPUR Vmax allows for an improved force transmission in the running direction
– CONIPUR Vmax absorbs less energy
– CONIPUR Vmax reduces stress on the joints and ensures greater stability

The full PUR track surface for top athletic performance – World Athletics certified – A new generation of “athletic tracks”

The “Development of a biomechanically measurable, faster competition track for the high-end sector” was developed in close cooperation with the Cologne Sports University. After successful testing and accreditation of the CONIPUR Vmax athletic track systems to World Athletics specifications, biomechanical measurements were carried out with top athletes under real conditions – and demonstrated superb values.


The force-stabilising top layer ensures fast and controlled forward movement of the athlete. The reduced energy requirement in the start and sprint phase enables the sprinter to achieve maximum running performance up to the finish line. The defined air cells embedded in the base layer give the athlete the expended energy back after the compression.


The track is characterised by an excellent structural integrity with low deformation, which gives the athlete optimal and stable running safety.


The exceptionally high mechanical properties of the top layer ensure maximum resilience and durability of the athletic track. It is suitable for multifunctional applications and events.