Indoor goes Full PUR – 100% PUR with a liquid elastic layer

100% virgin, fresh produced material with clear origin
100% seamless system because of on-site liquid installation
controlled quality

Combined elastic sports floor

For CONIPUR CE an area elastic substructure (PUR foam mat and wood matrix) is combined with a point elastic layer. Thanks to the area stiffening intermediate layer, the CONIPUR CE system offers very good foot stability for the sports person.

Due to the rigid wooden matrix, the accessibility and load with sports equipment, as well as the multi-purpose use is almost unlimited. The requirements for the flatness of the sub-base are lower compared to the point and mixed flooring.

CONIPUR CE – the combined elastic sports floor largely combines the advantages of point and area elastic floors. As a rule, they have a larger swinging mass. The point elastic component on top of the wood construction has a protective and comfortable effect.

Meets all important international norms and technical standards. Approved by FIBA ​​and IHF.

Suitable for             multi-purpose halls, ball sports,                                                                                   gymnastics floors,  aerobics
Target groups          adults, children and adolescents