Renovation of indoor sports floorings

CONICA Retop offers a cost-efficient and technically simple solution for the refurbishment of PUR coatings in sports halls. This CONICA technology is based on many years of experience of a range of surface types in a variety of sports halls and is individually applied and supervised by our technicians to ensure a perfect result.

A renovation can be carried out on polyurethane floors, as well as on prefabricated floor coverings such as linoleum or PVC without any problems.

In addition, retopping is an environmentally friendly solution because the existing sports floor is preserved, thus reducing disposal costs and waste. This has a positive influence on the lifecycle costs and still gives the athlete the desired performance of a new indoor sports floor.

CONICA has more than 25 years of experience in the sustainable rejuvenation of sports halls surfacing of all kinds.

Use for               renovation of existing sport floorings


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