The athletics hall in Leverkusen – Manfort will shine in new brilliance

Not simply a hall, but the athletics hall of TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen in Leverkusen-Manfort, is the premier location for German athletics.

During August 2018, the athletics hall in Leverkusen-Manfort will receive a new floor. As was the case during the construction of the hall in 2001, the management team had, once again, a number of key criteria for the new floor, like great value, quality and performance. And again they chose a high-performance floor from the Swiss company CONICA.

For decades outstanding athletes, such as Sprinter and Vice European Champion in the 100 meter Sprint – Gina Lückenkemper, European High Jump Champion 2018 – Mateusz Przybylko, Linda Stahl, Katharina Molitor, Konstanze Klosterhalfen and Steffi Nerius, have trained on CONICA`s CONIPUR M sports flooring system.

CONIPUR M is a full PUR covering that uses only “Virgin Materials” and is characterised by providing the highest quality and longevity. For this reason, this flooring has been used for many years in stadiums and athletics halls. Its resilience, performance and longevity speak for themselves.

After 17 years of very high use due to numerous competitions and intensive training sessions, the flooring of the Manfort – Athletics Hall continues to keeps its promise. The bottom layer of the flooring system has not yet suffered any damage, which has enabled the stadium management team to select a CONIPUR M Retopping solution to refurbish the hall floor. This type of restoration represents a very ecological solution, as the original track system remains as a basis, with only the upper wear layer, consisting of the polyurethane coating and the EPDM granules, requiring renewal.

Soon, the stars will train again on a flawless, high-performance floor in a perfect training environment that fulfils all wishes.

Magazine “Stadionwelt Inside”, 3/2018



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