CONICA Healthcare: innovative floor coverings for the healthcare sector

The right flooring makes cleaning easier

The health care system includes a wide variety of facilities, such as operating theatres, hospital rooms, doctors’ practices, laboratories, and rehabilitation and care facilities. CONICA offers the right floor covering for every application. To serve this demanding market even better in the future, the Swiss specialist is bundling its solutions under the name ‘CONICA Healthcare’. The needs of the healthcare sector and how they can be met are described in the CONICA Healthcare Blog.

No joints: fewer germ nests, simplified cleaning

Floors in hospitals or medical practices are usually made of PVC, rubber or linoleum. The material comes in sheets or tiles and is laid on site. To meet the increased hygiene requirements, the seams are fused. After prolonged use, however, the fused seams can crack. The hospital beds wheeled over the floor and other heavy traffic mean that, over the long run, the cracking is unavoidable. Moisture then penetrates through the cracks and pools under the tiles or sheets. These pools create ideal conditions for germs, which even the most thorough cleaning cannot get at. Conifloor coverings handle the problem differently. The components are mixed on site and laid on as a liquid. The seamless covering created is bound directly to the substrate. The system prevents gaps or cavities from forming and allowing germs to get a foothold. Enduringly robust and seamless, the floor keeps the germs out throughout its entire service life.



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