Using a flame-retardant floor can save lives.

In this video we want to show you, why using a flame-retardant floor can save lives.

We put two interior floor coverings, which are typically used in gyms, multi-purpose halls, therapy rooms and other public buildings, to the test. One floor has integrated flame-retardant and the other does not. The results are impressive.

But why is flame-retardancy so important for indoor applications?

In escaping from a burning building, every second counts. When a room starts to burn, there is a danger not just of burning in the flames, but also of suffocating from the smoke. This is where a flame-retardant floor covering comes to the rescue. During the fire, it slows the spread of the flames and significantly reduces smoke development. This leaves more time to escape and for lives to be saved.

Increased safety with Conica floors


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