A solid base for medical cannabis

In Denmark, Europe’s largest production space of medical cannabis is emerging. In cooperation with our partner JTI Gulventreprise a/s, the greenhouses will be equipped with CONIFLOOR IPS industrial floor.

Alfred Pedersen & Søn and LHL Pharma-MP, one of Europe’s largest greenhouse producers of tomatoes and other vegetables, is to establish the largest grower of medicinal cannabis in Europe in a joint venture with Canadian company Aurora. APS will invest 33.5 million euros into the facility, which will be located in near Odense (Denmark). APS, which operates some 280000 m2 of greenhouse production space, is known for achieving excellent yields per m2.

The project will start with an area of 6000 m2 in an existing greenhouse, more than 100000 m2 are planned to be operational after overall completion. The plants are grown in mobile boxes on wheels or a rail system in order to save space. Soil, tools and harvested plants will be carried in all sorts of trolleys and wagons, too. A unique challenge is the heat. In summer temperatures in the greenhouses can exceed 60°C. To fulfill these requirements the prime contractor opted for the CONIFLOOR IPS, a three-layer, low-emission certified, tough-hard and statically crack-bridging polyurethane floor system for all types of industrial floors. The system is solvent-free, liquid-tight and easy to clean. It is especially suitable for floors of medium resilience and often used in production halls, warehouses and engineering rooms. The system is efficient and easily applicable, provides high quality and safety features, and is distinguished by its high durability.

With this system, APS gains a durable flooring that will provide perfect functionality and flawless look for many years.


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