Alem Sunje and the “Weltklasse Zürich” trophies

For more than 8 years, Alem Sunje has been refining a section of the desired trophies of Weltklasse Zürich.
Carefully handcrafted, with CONICA track products he embeds the 3 oval runway-shaped supports that hold the diamond.
The blanks arrive at CONICA each spring and Alem Sunje, in charge of sample production and jewelry-like items, gladly receives them.

“When the trophies arrive, they are just three equal metal pieces, joined together, and with great care I fill the inside of the molds with an original CONICA surface that is normally used on tracks.” Alem Sunje says.
After that, the trophies go back to the studio to be completed with the imposing diamonds and pedestals.

“At the Athletics Meeting, I am happy to see the moments when the victorious athletes enthusiastically hold the trophies in their hands,” says Alem Sunje joyfully.

Sieger der Weltkasse Zürich 2017 (Bildquelle: Weltkasse Zürich)
Sieger der Weltkasse Zürich 2017 (Bildquelle: Weltkasse Zürich)



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